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SUI Series Vertical Lift Window

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Vertical lift windows are a great way to serve customers when you have limited space or multiple service areas. They make great pass thru or ticket windows and Quikserv can ship these to you glazed, fully assembled and ready to install.

Businesses We Serve

Our vertical sliding windows make serving the public easier for virtually any type of environment. Whether you own a quick-service restaurant, food truck, entertainment venue, convenience store or medical office, these can fit right into your operations. Because they slide up vertically instead of horizontally, they also make the perfect choice for smaller areas or for multiple customer service areas. These windows can also be equipped with a stainless-steel shelf on the base to provide a continuous surface to pass items through the window without interference.

Why Choose These?

There are many advantages to our vertical window design, whether you’re using it at a fast food restaurant or a pharmacy drive-up. Fully customizable and adaptable to your needs, this window style offers the following:

  1. Easy, automated operation: Designed to make customer service as efficient as possible, our windows can be automated in various ways. The hands-free optical sensor automatically opens the window when employees approach it, enabling them to pass an order to a customer without making contact or stopping to open it manually. The windows can also be set up with hands-free sensors, so all employees have to do is wave a hand to trigger opening and closing. These automatic vertical glass lift-up windows come equipped with three settings: one that opens uponare activation, one that keeps it open for peak periods and one that locks and secures it when you close for the night.
  2. Space-saving convenience: Unlike horizontal sliding windows, vertical sliding glass windows do not require extra space on the sides in order to be opened. In cramped restaurants or businesses where space is at a premium, this could be a major asset, conserving prep/work areas.
  3. Better service flow: Especially in restaurants where one part of the staff (the kitchen crew) needs to transport items to another part of the staff (the servers), a vertical window slider creates the perfect transition area. Crews can place orders at the window to be picked up by waitstaff. These vertical windows can also be fit with an integral stainless steel shelf base which provides continuous counterspace to easily transfer items from the interior of the window to the exterior.
  4. Indoor/outdoor use: The vertically sliding window works beautifully as an exterior service window, with one side facing the staff and the other facing customers who walk up to order. Keep it open during business hours if you like, and easily exchange orders/payments via the window. You can also install multiple windows at different points of the service line to facilitate smoother order processing.

Backed by more than 30 years in the industry, Quikserv is the place to go for transaction windows of all kinds. We not only create exceptional windows, but we can also customize them to whatever shape and size you need. Come to us when you want a sliding window that can fit your budget, space and desires. Reach out to us anytime to learn more and request a quote!

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