Fully-Automatic Transaction Windows

SS-4035E / IF-4035E
SS-4035E Quikserv Drive-Thru Window

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SS-4035E Quikserv Drive-Thru Window

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SS-4538E / IF-4538E

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SST-4035E / IFSST-4035E

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SST-4860 / IFT-4860E

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BP-7236E / BP-7241E

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Quikserv’s lineup of automatic transaction windows are built to make serving your customers faster, easier and food safe. These contactless, hands-free operated windows allow for a seamless exchange of goods to improve the speed of service and throughput in your drive-thru lane.

Where These Work Best

Practically any type of business that utilizes drive-thru service can put these contactless automatic close windows to good use. In addition to quick-serve restaurants, they also make great additions for pharmacies, coffee shops, banks, and liquor stores. Not only are they convenient for transactions between employees and the public, but they also feature tempered glass and locking mechanisms for added security.

Why Choose Our Solutions?

We offer a variety of automatic close window models that are in stock and ready to ship.  All of our windows arrive glazed, fully assembled and ready to install. We also specialize in custom options so we can provide a solution that is fully tailored to meet your needs including a wide range of sizes, glazing, color options. If you want to learn more about our products, get in touch with us today for more information.

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