Fully-Automatic Transaction Windows

SS-4035E / IF-4035E

This 48″W x 41″H side-sliding transaction window is one of our mo ... Read More


This 47-1/2″W x 43-1/2″H, fully-automatic single slid ... Read More

SS-4538E / IF-4538E

The 45-1/2″W x 38″H side-sliding, fully-automatic, single-slider ... Read More

SST-4035E / IFSST-4035E

The SS-4035E model with a transom! We have taken the very popular ... Read More

SST-4860 / IFT-4860E

This side-sliding transaction window includes a transom and optio ... Read More

BP-7236E / BP-7241E

This 72” wide bi-parting automatic sliding transaction window has ... Read More


This 48″W x 41″ bi-parting transaction window offers a fully-auto ... Read More


Our 72” wide bi-parting electric slider with a transom! This tran ... Read More


Boasting a projected design with a staging area, this pass-thru w ... Read More


This 42″W x 40″H inline bi-parting pass-thru window includes buil ... Read More


This 53-1/2″W x 40″H pass-thru window unit includes a large servi ... Read More

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