All About Service Windows In Modular Restaurant Buildings

All About Service Windows In Modular Restaurant Buildings

Apr 10, 2023

All About Service Windows In Modular Restaurant Buildings


As customer demands change, so too must businesses. A recent example of this is the use of modular building designs to construct or modify a food service structure. Effective and affordable, this modular method has become an increasingly popular option over the past few years as business owners offer more efficient and contactless alternatives.

As an industry leader for drive-thru windows and transaction systems, we’ve seen first-hand the rise of this trend here at Quikserv. We’re proud to supply service windows for modular buildings for both new and existing clients who want to adopt this modern alternative to conventional construction.

The process is simple. It begins with the factory-built units being constructed off-site, which are then delivered to, mounted and installed at the build site. After that, all it takes is for the new structure to be hooked up to utilities and the business is up and running. When equipped with the right drive-thru or transaction system, these modular restaurant buildings could provide customers with a new, more convenient experience in no time.

What makes the combination of the modular method and a modern drive-thru system so effective? Let’s go over some of the many benefits below.


Benefits of Service Windows in Modular Restaurants


One of the leading advantages of modular restaurant buildings is standardization. Valuable for both the manufacture and the buyer, these designs allow for significant economies of scale due to their standard design and construction processes. This makes setting up your choice of service window straightforward. Furthermore, standardization of the building process and product also enables faster production time and reliable results.

Another benefit to their design and quick construction is the possibility it offers owners in terms of expansion. When this modular strategy is employed, numerous restaurant units can be built simultaneously and the impacts of severe weather conditions minimize the construction pro. The result could be expediting the rate of growth and expansion for a franchise or chain. With an average build time of six weeks, a business could be operational much faster than constructing a structure from scratch.

There’s also the safety benefits of including high quality service windows as part of installation. As these structures are customizing, business owners may select the optimal service window system for their establishment and the safety of their employees.


Benefits of Service Windows in Modular Buildings


Food service establishments aren’t the only businesses jumping on the bandwagon. Banks, pharmacies, ticket sellers and so many more are opting for a modular building with a drive-thru system and reaping the benefits. Not only does this approach negate the work needed to take over an existing rental space, but also offers a customizable layout and functionality that could then be utilized for other locations.

Such personalization is facilitated by their modular design in the sense that the square footage or layout may be expanded or altered by section. As such, adding more seating or installing a second drive-thru window is easily attainable. Plus, as the units are constructed off-site, it streamlines the process for obtaining the correct building permits.

A final benefit is the structure’s durability. Constructed using steel frame buildings or shipping containers, modular designs have longer life spans than wood and are more pest resistant. They also provide a stable, insulated frame capable of withstanding harsh weather conditions.


Building a Better Customer Experience


Finding success as a business requires flexibility. Here at Quikserv, we help provide flexible growth management solutions for our customers. Let us help optimize your impending modular design with our drive-thru systems. Together, we can create a convenient and efficient design to make your customer experience second to none.

Reach out to us today to learn just how beneficial our drive-thru systems could be for your business!

Here is a time lapse video of RJ Russo building the modular unit for Dutch Bros.:

Here are a few pictures of another modular designed Wendy’s restaurant:


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