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The California Retail Food Code establishes a series of statewide health and sanitation standards for retail food facilities. These regulations include specifications for drive-thru transaction windows to protect the public and employees. Quikserv offers California Retail Food Code-approved windows to help your business remain in compliance with the law.

Meeting the Standards

These California-compliant windows are important not only to better ensure you stay up to code, but also to protect your customers and staff. They come equipped with heated or non-heated air curtains to block dust, insects and other contaminants. This means the food you serve can be kept pure and free from contamination.

The code requires that windows must have a self-closing mechanism and provide a service opening that is no larger than 432 square inches when used in conjunction with an air curtain or 216 square inches without the use of an air curtain. The service openings for the windows can also not be any closer than 18 inches.

Fully Equipped Solutions for Your Restaurant

Not only do these have features necessary to meet all California pass-thru window regulations, but they also come with numerous other conveniences. These include self-closing manual operation and photo-electric eye-bars for automatic and self-closing operation, tempered safety glass, security locks and glass panels to ensure the service opening sizes to ensure they are California-compliant windows. All units are shipped fully assembled and ready to install.

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