Comparing the Design of a Standard and a Bullet Resistant Pass Thru System

Comparing the Design of a Standard and a Bullet Resistant Pass Thru System

Dec 18, 2020

What differentiates one of our standard pass-thru systems from one that provides bullet resistant protection? In this article we’re going to take a close look at all the components that make the difference between these systems, and how each system is suited for the specific needs of our customers. 

This process can help to understand how we are able to enhance the manufacturing on our solutions to provide the best level of protection for your facility. It’s also important that all of the components of your pass-thru system are bullet resistant, in order to provide the complete and optimal level of protection you are looking for. If all of the components are not bullet resistant, then this can create areas of vulnerability or weakness for your pass-thru system.


For most storefront pass-thru system framing, you’ll find the most common material is an anodized aluminum in either a clear or dark bronze anodized finish. While this framing option is still available for the pass-thru system (to allow continuity in the overall building design and to provide the protection from projectiles), it is reinforced and ‘loaded’ with 12ga steel. This will provide up to level 3 bullet resistant protection. Click here to learn more about the different levels of bullet resistant protection. Alternatively, the pass-thru system can also be built entirely with 10 ga stainless steel instead of aluminum which can also provide level 3 bullet resistant protection that your business needs to keep your employees safe.

While many people’s initial consideration for the bullet resistance of their pass-thru transaction window is the glazing, because it makes up most of the area on their pass-thru system, the framing around the window should not be overlooked. Even the bullet from a small handgun has the potential to shred through an unprotected frame, creating a potential threat to those on the secure side of your business property.


There are many different types and compositions of bullet resistant glazing available but the three main types of glazing are acrylic, polycarbonate and glass-clad (which is a combination of glass and polycarbonate). There are also options for all-glass protection but most people opt for the glass-clad which provides a much lighter option that also is less expensive, and lighter to build, ship and install. 

Each has different advantages and disadvantages in bullet resistant protection, aesthetics, maintenance and weight, so any business owner will have to consider all of these aspects and how they complement their current business operations. To learn more about the different types of bullet resistant protection, click here to read our blog on ‘Types of Bullet Resistant Glazing Available’.

Speak-Thru and Microphone Devices

The speak-thru and microphones can also be built with bullet resistant protection that keeps you and your employees safe. In order to provide bullet resistant protection, the bullet resistant speak thru is built with a steel plate behind it to provide Level 3 bullet resistant protection, which can be easily identified on the natural speak thru device. Essentially, if you are able to see through the cutouts in the speak thru system it is not built for bullet resistant protection.

Deal Tray

The deal tray is the most popular means to exchange payment for small items such as tickets but many people may not realize that although made from stainless steel, the standard deal trays with the curved bottom do not provide the ideal level of protection. If this type of deal tray is hit with a projectile, the projectile could follow the line of curvature and enter the secure side of the wall or pass-thru system. 

To ensure the right protection for a ticket window the deal tray should have square edges and a flat bottom, which prevent ricochet and the entry of the bullet on the secure side of the wall or pass-thru system. This is a small but necessary feature that can really make the difference when it comes to protecting your business and your employees. 


Quikserv has a first-rate line of bulletproof windows and bullet resistant windows to provide your project the next level of safety and security for your facility. We have a number of standard and custom solutions to suit any project and we welcome the opportunity to design a solution that suits the aesthetic, functional or security needs of your facility. 

To learn more about bullet resistant products, download our guide, ‘Designing your Bullet Resistant Pass-Thru System: The Complete Guide”. For more information you can also contact our sales specialists at or 1.800.388.8307.

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