5 Products That Improve Restaurant Safety During COVID-19

5 Products That Improve Restaurant Safety During COVID-19

Apr 02, 2020

The current coronavirus pandemic that is sweeping the world is an unprecedented experience. The economy took a massive hit, almost everyone has been ordered to stay at home, and most restaurants have closed their doors, at least physically. But in a time of dire need for many folks,many of whom are concerned about the current risks of grocery shopping or are an at-risk population for the coronavirus, are still in need of the consistent food source that restaurants can provide. That’s why many restaurants have adopted a solely take-out/delivery method: to ensure they can pay their employees and survive this pandemic, and also to provide necessary meals to folks quarantined at home.

For the restaurants that remain open for pick-up or drive-thru service during this pandemic, many operators are following the established safety guidelines when serving customers, guidelines that limit contact and risk for both the employees and the customers of exposure to the virus. As this is unprecedented circumstances, we’re all learning more as this crisis goes on, including new ideas and solutions that are continually being developed to help better serve customers safely. 

Everyone needs to do their part in order to ‘flatten the curve’ and prevent the spread of this viral disease. And Quikserv has an important part to play as well, which is the service windows and drive-thru windows that we supply to businesses all over the country. In our experience these last few weeks, here are some of the ways that Quikserv products have helped customers maintain a low contact and safe operation for the pick-up service in their restaurant:


  • Upgrade or Select a ‘Hands-Free’ Operated Drive-Thru Window

If you’re in the market for a pass-thru / drive-thru window, consider a ‘hands-free’ operated automatic window. These windows allow for easy and seamless transactions with customers, without permitting any possible opportunities for cross-contamination or spreading any germs by touching a handle to operate the window for opening and closing.

To learn more about the advantages of an automatic window, read our blog, ‘The Perks of an Automatic Window’


  • Transaction Drawers and Package Receivers

These secure transaction drawers and package receivers provide a method for employees to exchange items with customers without direct customer contact, thereby minimizing the exposure and possibility of spreading the coronavirus. We have several transaction drawers and package receivers to choose from to accommodate your needs including manual or electric, with or without a speaker, and availability in different sizes to suit most items that need to be passed to customers.


  • Air Curtains

Air curtains work as an invisible barrier to separate the interior of the restaurant from all forms of contamination on the exterior from insects to dust to the exhaust from cars in the drive-thru lane. Air curtains are typically mounted just above the drive-thru window service opening and are available in ambient or heated units.



  • Panels to Restrict Service Opening Sizes on Drive-Thru Windows

For those customers with one of our popular self-closing SC-4030 or automatic SS-4035 windows, we can provide a glass panel to limit the service opening size on the window. These panels will limit the direct contact between the server in the restaurant and the customer. These are the same panels that we provide for our windows in California where there is a standard regulation on the allowable service opening size.

There are two sizes of panels available, depending upon the service opening size of your preference.

SC-4030 Restricted Service Opening Sizes

  1. SC-4030 with 216 sq. in. service opening dimensions: 20-1/4″W x 10-7/8″H
  2. SC-4030 with 432 sq. in. service opening dimensions: 20″W x 21″H

SS-4035E Restricted Service Opening Sizes

  1. SS-4035 with 216 sq in service opening dimensions: 20-1/4″W x 10-7/8″H
  2. SS-4035E with 432 sq in service opening dimensions: 20-1/4″W x 21″H 

** These panels are only available on the SS-4035E and SC-4030 drive-thru windows at this time.



  • Shelves Installed on the Building Exterior

For those looking to limit interpersonal contact with their current pass-thru window, you may also consider a shelf that can be mounted on the exterior of the building. This will allow employees to place prepared orders on a shelf for pick-up outside without direct contact with the customer. We have several standard sizes available or we can provide custom sizes to suit the pick-up window or drive-thru window at your restaurant.

As we all continue to adapt to this new reality and practice our social distancing, there will be more ideas and solutions that arise to help restaurants serve their customers with minimal to no contact, so they can provide the food people need while minimizing the spread of COVID-19. Quikserv is proud to do our part during this pandemic, and we will continue to share these solutions with our followers and customers as they develop.

We encourage all of our followers, customers, company partners and their families to follow the appropriate protocols for social distancing, to stay inside, wash their hands, and ultimately stay healthy. Contact us here to learn more about Quikserv drive-thru windows.

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