Custom Products

Lake Mead Entrance Station
Custom bullet resistant with Drawers, Windows, and Bullet Resistant Fixed Frames..


Lake Mead Entrance Station


"Little Bigs Restaurant", Houston Zoo.
Color: Pewter
Model: CM-1 (x3)
Notes: Custom transoms, fixed lites


Color: Hartford Green
Model: BP-7241E

At Quikserv, your options and possibilities are endless. Whether it is a standard off-the-shelf item or a complete custom design; we put the same level of detail and craftsmanship into each Quikserv product. We have the skill and the production capabilities to make your wish come true. Whether it is a custom size (height or width), color, glazing, or even mode of operation, we will strive to produce the finest quality pass thru product on the market.

Our 26+ years of experience has helped us to learn to listen to our customer’s needs and requests. Further, it has taught us to never shy away from custom requests!

Customization of your Quikserv product may include:
  • Sizing – height and width for manual or electric windows.

  • Color – standard finish is 225 Dark Bronze or 204R1 Clear anodized aluminum. Other options include:

  • Glazing – standard glazing is 1/4" clear tempered. Available options include:
    • Tinted and / or Low E
    • 5/8” Insulated
    • Storm glass
    • Bullet resistant glass – Level 1 and 3 (clear or tinted available)

  • Combination units – do you desire to combine a drawer and a window? A window and an air curtain? All of our products can be combined so that we either ship it out as one unit or it can be combined in the field. Combination units come fully assembled and ready to install.
  • Audio

  • Video

  • Speakers

  • Traffic Sensors

  • Micro-switches

  • Alarms

  • Heaters

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Mission Statement

At Quikserv, our goal is to simply make your pass-thru experience the best it can be.  Whether you are the operator or the customer, we want you to enjoy your transaction experience thru a Quikserv product.  We work tirelessly to provide the finest line of pass-thru / drive-thru products on the market.  We manufacture standard product sizes as well as custom sized products to meet your building requirements.  Quikserv is committed to excellence, superior craftsmanship, and impeccable customer service for each Quikserv product sold.  You have our word.

Jason T. Epps, Chairman and CEO


Quikserv Corp.